Deal with stress

Scrunch 揉皱
Scrunch/Unscrunch my face
Scrunch up

Clench 咬紧 Jaw 颚
Clench my jaw

For no good reason other than I had to react to a lot of cars around me.

This is a skill I’ve been getting better at, though I’m far from perfect.

What are you stressing about?

live up to – 辜负
I can see that I have an ideal that other people aren’t living up to. and I realize that’s a made-up ideal that I don’t need to hold on to.

Reducing stress

Stress is one of the biggest causes of health problems in many people’s live.

The busy person might have no time for weeklong meditation retreats, mini vacations, or weekly counseling sessions.

Instead of being in the stressful task-switching mode…

Fear is causing you to be stressed…

We get upset at other people because they don’t meet our ideals of how they should act.


lay off 裁员
I just got laid off.

run our company into the ground 把公司搞得破产
My old manager almost ran our company into the ground.

it sucks 糟糕极了
The new manager is doing a lot of restructuring, it sucks.

unprecedented time 前所未有的时代
This is an unprecedented time we are living in.

think outside the box 打破束缚
You have to be willing to think outside of box.

headhunter 猎头