How to make a marriage work

Fall for sb. 爱上某人

Resolve problems with sb’s heart in mind
Talk about problems with the other person’s interest at heart

Perspective 视角
Try to see it from the other person’s perspective

Explicitly [ɪk’splɪsɪtlɪ] 明确地
The problem is the person whoa cares about it doesn’t explicitly say they care about it.

Friction – 摩擦

Void – 空虚
Look to the other person to fill a void


The salve to ease suffering

Salve 药膏

Suffering 苦难

Substance 物质

Self-compassion 自怜

Procrastination 拖延

The substance is real: it’s your suffering. We all suffer, in small and large ways, every day.

The salve is also real: it’s self-compassion.

Throughout the day, things come up to stress you out, from (a new thing to add to your workload) to (someone criticizing you to the housework not being done).